Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It's been a very, very long time!

Wow! It is January 18, 2016 and today is our 30th wedding anniversary! Today is a day of reflection on our life together and it spurred me to read our last blog update. So much has happened.....

We had a good summer at Camp Hatteras. Sean and I think about our time there and wonder if or memories would be much more positive if he had been healthy. So much of our time was such a struggle with his physical pain and that has left a dark spot on our memory. Luckily our friend Sharon Spivey came to help and we also were blessed to work with an old Hatteras Recreation director, Suzanne. Between the four of us, I think we did a bang up job! We provided some of the Hatteras usuals...., bingo, hotdogs, tye die and ice cream socials. We added many new programs, that included pool games, creative crafts, carnival games that glowed, pool party's, pirate treasure hunts and many more. I'm proud to say that we gave it our best and I think we did a great job. The feedback from the resort participants was also positive so I can make the the above accolades with my head up! However, it was a tough summer in some ways. Sean's pain continued throughout the summer. We spent many hours of our time away from work going to doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and even acupuncture. Sean joked and said if someone told him to dance around with a necklace of chicken heads he would have done it. Nothing made much difference....

I have to say, however, our bosses made our time there as easy as they possibly could. The gave us a golf cart so Sean did not have to walk anywhere. They had support staff help us set up for activities whenever was needed. They gave us almost complete control over our activities and budget. You really could not have asked for better staff, co workers or support. If only the pain part had not been overshadowing almost everything else....

We ended our summer there and got our rig fixed in Raleigh. Meg flew out from Canada and visited with us for a few days too. We then spent some time visiting friends in North Carolina and then started our trek back to Texas to work at Amazon. We visited Nashville and attended the Grande Ol Oprey, went to Memphis and toured Elvis's home and then spent some time in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a great trip back to Texas.


We weren't going to work at Amazon again but working at Amazon is a lot like child birth. When your in the midst of the painful work, you SWEAR you will never do this again. But, just like child birth the pain of the event fades and you think, hey, that wasn't so bad! So you sign up again and then your mind goes right back to why am I doing this?! And thus, that is where we were. Fortunately, Sean got a little better every day on our trip back to Texas. When we got there he got some adjustments and some massages from a chiro center that we are familiar with and have had good luck. This seemed to heal him enough that he could just get by at Amazon. But as time progressed he was becoming more and more in pain so we called it quits about six weeks into our holiday commitment. Plus, we called Sedona Pines where we own a timeshare and can park our Rv for free, and they could get us in for a month! That was just enough push for us to say adios to Amazon!


    It's not all ugly in Texas

Back in Sedona

Our return to Arizona and particularly to Sedona is very comforting. I have a brother near by who I love hanging out with and he was hosting our annual family get together. So we got to partake in that event and I spent some time getting caught up with most of my 8 siblings and some of their kids too. We don't see each other very often but it is always a warm welcome when we do. I feel really blessed to have such a large family who, mostly, all get along! But more importantly, no matter what, we always have each other's backs. This is a rare trait. My parents would be proud... Are proud, I'm sure. It is not so for Sean. He has one brother who he use to be close to and for some unknown reason, he no longer speaks to us. Coming from my large family where we ALWAYS back each other up, I can't even fathom that attitude. What is more important then family?

    It was cold in Sedona!

    Holiday lights

    Sedona petroglyphs

    My handsome hubby

 From Sedona we went to the San Diego area and spent the holidays with our three children and their spouses and of course our two wonderful grandchildren. We had a great time. From there we went to Las Vegas for two weeks. It has been a cold winter in the west and LasVegas was a little chilly. We had fun hiking and doing a little traditional Vegas nightlife but really, Vegas is a little skanky and we weren't sorry to see it in our rear view mirror as we made our way back to Sedona. We are here now and will be for 5 weeks or until we find work. Whichever one happens first.....

    Fremont street

Sean has been applying for various jobs in the corrections field and he has gotten close to getting a position  it hasn't happened yet. I have meanwhile recertified in Arizona as a guidance counselor. If Sean doesn't get a corrections job soon, schools will be hiring for the next school year and I shouldn't have too much trouble finding a job. I feel pretty confident that I can find a job in Arizona. Unfortunately school counseling doesn't pay much, is a difficult job with little gratification and you have to have a masters degree to do it! Ha! So there you have it. And if he doesn't get a job here but in another state, many states will allow you to certify in their state if you have a current certification from another state.

We will bide our time in beautiful Sedona as we look for work. If I had my way we would win the lottery and stay on this traveling path forever....but unfortunately that hasn't happened. 



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