Sunday, November 2, 2014

Moving on to Amazon....

Our time has come to an end in Texas. We are moving onto Kansas and our seasonal job at Amazon in Coffeyville, Kansas. 

We have been busy attending Meghan's volleyball games and working the occasional Dallas Cowboys games selling beer and frozen margaritas.  Meghan, unfortunately suffered a concussion after taking an elbow to her head during a game when she and a fellow team mate went for a ball at the same time.  She was restricted to complete rest with no stimulation. No school, no volleyball, no tv, no reading, no screens of any type (phones, computers, and TV) and large amounts of fish oil.  Since we lead a "non stimulating " life, she chose to hang out with us in the Rv. I wish I could say it was a great relaxing time for us all, but it was not. Poor Meghan not only had to deal with headaches and irritation by any light but also anxiety about missing school and not being there for her team.  She ended up missing three games and almost 2 weeks of school before she was cleared to participate in life again. Unfortunately the lack of exercise also caused her muscles some atrophy and she has not felt she is back up to the level of play she was at before. But, as her father and I kept saying, you only have ONE brain, so better this then some long term damage.  She played a few more games before her Senior Night game. This is the last home game of the season before playoffs. It is also the last game we can attend before we leave for Kansas and Amazon. It was a bitter sweet day... Sean and I spent so many years watching our children play sports, traveling all over the state and often other states to see them play. It made up most of all of our free time for at least the last 15 years. We made many friends through these activities and spent our vacations, money and all of our hearts being a part of this great endeavor called competitive sports. Some people may have thought we were crazy to spend so much time, energy and money in this past time but we wouldn't change a thing. We saw sports help shape our boys into men and our daughter into a strong, powerful woman. It was worth everything and we were so blessed to be such big part of this time in their lives.  I have to admit, this "ending" has me choked up a bit. But as in all things, endings only lead to new beginnings. Thank God for grandchildren!! It will be a few years but I am sure we have a few more games to watch. 

                                                                     Senior night

                                       Hockey game with Meghan and her boyfriend Johnny

Onto more humorous endeavors, like booze selling at the Cowboy games! Sean's last blog update was a great look at our newest careers. Unfortunately he has not gotten a cart again and has had to carry the tubs with approximately 2.5 cases of 16oz beers.  He has a much more physically challenging job then I do since I can only carry 12 margaritas at once and they don't weigh much. He also has to take off every twist bottle cap and pop every tab before he gives the customer their beverage.  This has led to some cuts on his fingers and bleeding. Now remember, this is during the Ebola scare and my poor husband already sweats enough for six people so throw in a little blood to boot and you got a customer who doesn't want his drink! I mean talk about bodily fluids! So poor Sean has to make three trips to first aid to get his cuts covered in bandages and he also carries a rag to keep the sweat wiped up to a minimum. You can imagine that this cuts not only into his time waiting for the bandages but also into lost customers who don't want blood on their beers! Luckily he has become hardened so to speak and his injuries have lessened. He also carries bandages in his pocket too. As for the sweating, most of the guys want to buy him a beer since he is so dehydrated. Maybe he even gets a few extra pity tips too! He always makes almost twice what I do. 

One of the rules as a seller of adult beverages is that you must card everyone! No matter what. And I do mostly. But sometimes their are those individuals you are pretty sure they are old enough but you card them anyway in case the undercover people checking up on you are nearby (they can fire you on the spot if you don't card or if you sell to a minor). So I carded a questionable customer and was I shocked to see he was only a few years younger then me! I gasped and said "you look so young! I wish I had some of that!" The man smiled, arched his eyebrows and said "you can have some of that if you want it"! I suddenly realized my incredible faux pas and I laughed embarrassingly and said "that is NOT what I meant but that was funny as hell"! I moved away quickly and couldn't stop blushing the rest of the night. Geeze! How naive can I be?

The line when you check back in from selling and an example of a tub but much emptier, and the home made strap you use to carry it

Sean and I are also very excited about our next summer job. We applied for and were offered the position of activity directors for a very large Rv resort in North Carolina on the coast. The resort is located in the OBX or the outer banks and is called Camp Hatteras. Unlike other work camping jobs, your site and all your utilities, cable, wifi and laundry is included in your job and all hours you work are paid for. This particular resort is considered one of the best work camping jobs you can get. Many people return summer after summer. We will have ocean views as we plan and facilitate daily activities for the resort participants. This particular resort is a big family place so we will be working with all age groups. Sean and I both worked in and loved recreation in our youth so this job is perfect for us! 

Camp Hatteras click here to see the RV resort

On the other hand, I am a bit worried about Amazon. We were given the night shift which I have never worked before so that alone will take some getting use to. Also, this particular Amazon has announced their permanent closure after the holiday season. I follow a group on facebook and I have heard some negative comments about how the warehouse is currently being ran. But, as Sean keeps reminding me, it is only for six weeks and if they make us too mad, we just fold up our "house" and go. So, I am not sure if I will be doing much blogging during our Amazon tenure, but I will try to fit in at least one post between hour ten hour shifts! Wish us luck!

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