Thursday, April 23, 2015

Coastal Alabama

Our 20 days in Alabama and the Rainbow Plantation has come to an end. We had a good, if not somewhat soggy time here. Our first week was sunny and warm. We spent our days seeing local attractions and enjoying Orange Beach. If we had known the sun was going to disappear we would have probably spent more time at the beach. But alas, we did not. A series of storms hit the south and we soon became drenched in rain. Buckets of rain at times. We endured and mostly were lucky at watching the weather predictions and planning our outings to coincide with the weather. We did pretty well but some days were better then others! This is beautiful country. Green and blooming with all types of wonderful plants. But all of this green is because of the rain. The area gets upwards of 50+ inches of rain a year. Green and rivers come with a high price. Rain, humidity and bugs! If I could just live on the beach, I think it would all be doable. But not all of life is on a beautiful, sandy beach. I'm not sure I am cut out for the other side of tropical life. The desert has its benefits.

Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, AL
Tree frog
Good idea!
Swinging in a park in Fairhope

Fort Morgan
Orange Beach
You can never have enough truck
Local museum on a doctor who started the first hospital
Railroad museum
Dolphin boat tour
FloraBama - bar half in Florida and half in Alabama
One of many lazy rainy days
Naval Museum - Blue Angels
Poster in Naval Museum - reminded me of Cory
Pensacola Lighthouse Museum
That's the truck way at the bottom of the lighthouse
Fort Barrancas
Ferry ride back from Dauphin Island
USS Alabama