Friday, April 25, 2014

Good bye Arizona...hello Utah!

The day after the train trip, Remi's foster mom came to visit.  We were all wondering  what he would do when he saw "Snaque" (pronounced Snake and I have no idea why that is her nickname!).  I saw her drive up so I picked up Remi and met her outside.  When she approached, Remi did his little grrrrr....and then she started talking to him and she put out her hands for him to sniff. He took a sniff, then a lick and you could almost see the light bulb come on.  He started to squirm and squeak and his tail was going crazy! I handed him to her and he covered her face in kisses squirming and squeaking with excitement! Remi doesn't like many people besides Sean and I. He generally is ambivalent to most people and he really doesn't like men at all but he loved Snaque! Obviously he is loyal to those he knows and loves. I gotta say I appreciate those traits. Anyway, we had a nice visit and lunch together. We all get along quite well. I'm sure we will be in touch forever because of our mutual "friend",  Remi.

The next day was our family reunion at my sister Roses's house. There must have been 50 people there! Truthfully many cousins I'd didn't know as they are more from my siblings era but my Perry cousin's came and so I was happy to catch up with them.  My Aunt Shirley and Uncle Steve are getting older so I was glad to visit with them as well as their kids. It was also great seeing my sibs and many nephews and nieces. The very best part was Meg getting to come! And then we also got to visit with my mother in law Lou and her boyfriend Ken.

Crazy how time just keeps marching on!

My Uncle Steve
My brother Richard
Aunt Shirley and Uncle Steve and their oldest daughter Chris talking to my brother Kent
My sister, the Sister Marife
Meg, me, my sister Rose, her daughter Anna and Marife
Ken, Lou and Meg

The next day was Easter and we just enjoyed the Sedona beauty and got ready to leave for the Grand Canyon.  It was an easy day up there and we got settled in quickly and went for a 15 mile bike ride. Then we came home, showered up and had a great dinner  with Hans and Lisa (we met them on Rvillage and hiked together in Sedona. Coincidentally they were going to the Grand Canyon the day before us).  We made plans with them to hike part way into the Canyon together the next day.  It was very windy and though our hike was only three miles round trip, it was quite a tiring three miles! The views were impressive and the trail was very busy.

Hans, Sean and I. Lisa is taking the photo

The trail

The crowds!
Cedar Point
Hans and Lisa
Ain't that the truth!!
Poor Remi!

The next day we were going to try and fit in another hike but the weather report was looking a bit cooler and windy so we set out by 9:00 a.m. to head for Monument Valley.  The drive was beautiful and we got to Goulding's campground easily.  The Goulding's came here in the 20's and helped bring the movie industry to the area. They owned our campground, a lodge, restaurant, air strip, museum and a few other things. The campground was really nice and the museum was interesting along with a cabin that John Wayne used in a movie. There was a very short but pretty walk right behind the campground we did as soon as we got set up.

Rock monster face
Rock monster face eating! Lol!
Small arch

Introducing Simba!!!

The next day we got up early for our guided tour through Monument Valley. Though a bit pricey, it was well worth it since the guide could lead you onto the reservation where the regular tourist was not allowed. I think the photos speak for themselves about what a great day it was.

Our ride

Well, there are a bunch more but we are having technical difficulties getting them loaded up.  I'll do an update when we get them loaded.  We are in Moab now for a week. Spending today hunkered down while the storm passes then we will be hiking, biking and going on extreme 4x4 rides with my nephew David.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Choo, choo......chugging along!

April 16, 2014

Our trip to the Grand Canyon was a whirlwind! We got an early start and drove to Flagstaff and had a great Mexican breakfast at MartAnnes cafe. It was great food and tons of it for a fair price. What more can you ask for?  This is an sample of the art on the wall.  It reminded me of my friend Jessica. 

Once we got to the Grand Canyon we drove through and did all the usual touristy things....ooh, aah....etc. then we got to the village and walked along the rim for several miles.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.  We decided to go find the rv park and see if our rig could fit if we came back. It could and we decided to do a few days there after we leave Sedona. We ended up spending close to an hour on hold to get two nights reserved and we were told it was the last spot available. We felt very rushed on our day trip so we are looking forward to spending three days and two nights getting reacquainted with this majestic park.  We reminisced about our last visit years ago when we visited Sean's brother Tom and his family when they were living there.  We actually took all the kids on a helicopter ride and it was fantastic!  We headed home tired and a little sunburnt but happy to see the Grand Canyon again!

                                           Grand Canyon

We took the next day to get caught up on shopping and laundry then on Friday, April 9 we met up with a couple we met on RVillage. There names are Hans and Lisa. They are our age and full time RVers from San Diego.  We made plans to get together and hike. We met at the parking lot on Schnebly hill and went on a great 8+ mile hike on Hangover Trail. It was a warm day and a rocky trail, so we left Remi at home.  We had a great time getting to know Hans and Lisa. We haven't met anyone our age who are full time RVing so it was a good day hiking and sharing with those of a like mind and age.

                                           Hangover Trail

My brother Kent and his wife and family had us to their home on Saturday for a BBQ.  I saw my nephew Tim and his wife and gorgeous daughters for the first time in many years.  My niece Alicia had to work but her husband came over with their good looking bunch as well. It was a nice visit though being a great Aunt to so many is really making me feel old!

On Sunday we used our National Park pass and went to Tuzigoot.  Even though we both spent many years in the area, neither of us had been there before.  


We decided since we spent $80 on a National Park pass we were going to make the most of it! On Monday we went to Montezuma's Castle and Well. Sean and I have both been to Montezuma's castle many times but oddly enough neither of us had been to Montezuma's Well!  I actually enjoyed the Well more then the Castle. The fact that there is this huge hole full of fresh water being naturally pumped by the 1000's of gallons a day in the middle of the high desert is amazing to me! I know the Sinagua Indians must have had a reason to leave this region but for the life of me I don't know why. A temperate climate, land to hunt, fresh water to drink, bathe and irrigate the crops with and then these great condos on the sides of the valley with views to die for!! Where could they have gone that was better then that??
                                    Montezuma's Castle

                                 Montezuma's Well

                         Beaver Creek below the Well

Yesterday we started our day early and set out for a hike through the Oak Creek Canyon.  The trail is called West Park and this time we took Remi with us because we knew the trail would be shaded, sandy and would have plenty of water for him to drink and cool off in.  He was so happy to see the backpacks come out and and his harness put on. When we left without him to do the Hangover trail he looked heart broken to see all the gear come out but no invitation for him! 

There were dozens of people on the trail even on a Tuesday. Many people commented on what a great hiker Remi was.  He went full steam for the whole 8 miles.  In the photo below we got to the trails end and asked a young girl to take this photo with Remi. Everyone was commenting on how cute he was and how great he made the whole hike. What they didn't know was that he was quietly growling at all of them while I was holding him!  I don't think he appreciated the cutey comments!


Today we took the Verde Valley Railway to Perkinsville and back. If you have a chance to do this ride, I highly recommend it. The train is old timey but comfortable with both closed and open air cars. We spent the day in the open air car enjoying the incredible views.  It was a four hour round trip ride. There were many ruins on the valley walls and numerous caves and wildlife.  The narration gave lots of great information about the area. I love train rides and this one was great!

                                    Verde Valley Railway

Monday, April 7, 2014


April 7, 2014

I admit it. I am a bad, bad, blogger. I am making myself a promise to try and do short blogs weekly, even if it is boring because otherwise I get too far behind and then I don't want to take the time and catch up. Sean says he might start doing some blogging on here as well.

In the last update I hinted about a job Sean and I had been chosen for. We worked (briefly!) for a social network for RV'ers called RVillage. We actually went to Vegas for three days of training. It was all very interesting and it actually helped us update some very rusty computer skills.  The job was to sell advertising for this social network called RVillage. The idea of a social network for RV'ers is really cool and we like the concept. Unfortunately, we hate selling!  And we ended up working full time and then some.  We actually left Blythe at the end of February and moved to Yuma to try our hand at selling. I know I am not cut out for it. Every time someone said no, I was heart broken! Sean was better at it but we made almost nothing and didn't enjoy it at all. We decided if we wanted to work full time we would go set our rig somewhere and get real jobs. At least then we would get a paycheck! So to say the least, it was a short lived career move! Ha!

Anyway, we spent the month of March in Yuma at Cocopah RV Resort. It was nice because we had some friends there from past experiences and we made some new ones too! We didn't get to do too much as we were "working" every day (working does not mean we were making money however!) But we did manage to take in a few sites. We went to the Lettuce festival the first weekend we were there. Your typical festival, food (in this case much produce), booths, and music.  We also went to the Yuma Territorial Prison. That was actually very interesting. The part that fascinated me the most was all the Mormon's who were imprisoned because of polygamy.  I was reading a very good book about polygamy and in particular Brigham Youngs wife who left him and condemned polygamy and traveled the country denouncing the practice.  The book was called the "Seventeenth Wife" and so all the prison information about the many who were incarcerated for being polygamists was very interesting.

Inside the BIG House of Yuma

We also went on a walk down by the river one day. It was nice but dusty. That kind of sums up Yuma.

On a side trip before we left Blythe, we went to a really fun bar out in the middle of nowhere near Lake Havasu called the Desert Bar.  You actually needed GPS coordinates to find it as there are no signs anywhere but the place is packed! Guy built it out on some desert land and it is mostly all outdoors. Great bands play there and the food is pretty good too.  The road to it is all dirt and rocky and oddly enough tons of cars are slowly making their way to it.  We went twice and had a great time. Google it sometime and if you are out that way it is worth the rough road to get there.

Desert Bar

We left Yuma at the end of March and went to Sedona. We love it here and we can camp for free so that makes it even better!  They day after we arrived, our best friends, Brad and Lisa Wierck came up and rented one of the timeshares here and we got to spend the day and night with them. We had a great time.  We always do.  We then took off the following day and went to Las Vegas. We left the rig in Sedona as we had a condo rented for three nights that we got included in a travel deal we did a while back. We took Remi with us but since it was not a pet friendly condo, we had to kennel him.  We hated the idea of it since we have only had him 3 months but we didn't have any choice. We chose a kennel near us that had a play yard that we could come visit him and take him out to play. We figured if he at least saw that we always came back, that he would still be attached to us. I think the kenneling was harder on us then him! He did great but he was very vocal when we came to visit. He has been pretty sedate since we got home but I understand that is normal when they get kenneled.

While we were in Vegas we went and saw Sean's cousin Molly and her family. We visited and had pizza one evening. I wish I had gotten a photo but I didn't even think of it. We also went and had the most popular buffet in town the Bacchanal Buffet at Ceasars Palace.  It was FABULOUS!! We also went to Fremont Street, wandered the strip quite a bit and went and saw Terry Fator.  That guy is amazing!  It was a short but action packed trip and we had a great time.  On the way home we stopped at Hoover Dam.

We got back to Sedona and by the next morning I had the worst cold of my life. Seriously, I haven't had a cold since I quit working in elementary schools but this one was a doozy! I actually just laid around and did nothing one day. Either it was a killer cold or I am turning into a wimp. Sean says wimp....  I am feeling much better now and we have gone a few hikes. Tomorrow we are going to the Grand Canyon for a day trip and I promise to take more photos and blog about it all next week!

BTW, today is my favorite granddaughters 6th birthday! Can you believe it??? We have been grandparents for 6 years already. And Carson will be 2 next month. How time flies.....

 One of my favorite baby photos of Aislynn. What a toughy she is!
Handsome Carson!

And here are just a few other Sedona snapshots......