Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Living the RV deam.....NUDE!

Sean and I read many blogs, listen to podcasts, talk to people (we first started this dream by talking too and watching Sean's mom, Lou and her husband Gil live their RV dream full time for many years) and generally explore different avenues of information.  Eventually I hope to add some of the better and more informational sites to this blog.  Since we will be working along our travels we also subscribe to two Work Camping information sites and recently we received a very interesting job announcement....a work camping job right here in Texas for a "clothing optional" RV park/resort. Yes, you have the right picture in your mind....camping in the buff! Well of course, we had to check out the park website, http://www.liveoakresort.com and see what they had to offer! Looks like a really nice place, pool, activities, night club and even a special room if you want to be more intimate with friends or strangers.  Only a few rules, like no sex in public and of course NO PETS!

Boy, what we are learning!!

And no, we aren't applying.

Friday, March 22, 2013

RV owners

I am back tracking a bit but Sean and I bought our condo on wheels, a 2011 Montana 3750FL.  I shopped around and looked at many styles but we both loved the 3750FL. It has the living room in the front and the bedroom in the back. This particular model is very, very tall! Sean had some difficulty with his head hitting doorways and roof tops in quite a few different fivers but not this one. He has plenty of head room and we loved the feel of the upstairs living room.

How did this saga begin? I'll back track even further....

Sean and I were worried about my parents health and the recent death of his step father when we were living in Tehachapi, California. Sean Jr. had graduated from high school and was living on his own. Cory and Meghan were always very flexible and seemed to move with out too many difficulties so we thought we would try to move back to Arizona. I got a counseling position in Sahuarita, Arizona and Sean received permission to continue telecommuting his BOP position from Arizona.  This was all before the "great recession" and our house value in California had more then doubled and we sold it easily on our own. We packed up and headed back to Arizona.  We bought our dream home in Sahuarita and settled in.

Both my parents passed away over the next few years. Cory graduated and went into the Coast Guard.  Meghan was about to be a Senior in high school and Sean's retirement from the BOP was looming closer. We sat around the fire pit one night discussing our current situation. My job as a counselor was rocky at best with the recession, our house was way underwater financially, our credit card debt was growing every day and we were no where near our dream of traveling the country. We decided it was time for a radical life decision. We decided to short sell our house and liquidate all of our possessions by either a sale or giving them to our children. Sean would take a contract law enforcement job in Afghanistan and we would slowly but surely make our dreams a reality!

My job was to sell the house, sell, give away and pack up what was left. I did this with the help of my two wonderful sons. Meghan had graduated and was living in Texas attending Texas Wesleyan University on a academic and volleyball scholarship. The boys drove over from California and helped me pack up what was left including the things they inherited and I moved to Alpine, California and lived with Sean Jr., his wife Lisa and daughter, Aislynn. I was thrilled to be apart of Lisa's pregnancy and eventual delivery of our first grandson, Carson.  We paid off all our debt, saved and paid cash for the RV. I then had it moved to Arlington, Texas so I could watch Meghan play volleyball and work part time. Then eventually we had enough to pay cash for a brand new Chevy Silverado and we were almost there! Now we are building up our savings and buying the many extras we are finding we need....generators, water filter systems, tire pressure monitoring systems, etc. etc. Sean Sr. has given his notice and will be joining me for good at the end of May. We will be heading out to South Dakota and Wyoming and eventually winding back down to Arizona to see family and then back to Texas for Meghan's Junior volleyball season.  The rest is yet to be planned!

Our first work camper job offer!

Sean and I have both been officially offered a job with Amazon in Fernley Nevada this Christmas!  Amazon has a very big Work Camper program where they hire RV'ers to work during the holiday rush and provide them a RV site plus an hourly wage and over time. We understand we may need to walk as much as 10 miles or more per day.  Guess we wont have to work out during our employment there!  We hope to supplement Sean's BOP retirement with Work Camping jobs to keep our savings account in a good, safe zone. If at the end of each year we still have a good savings account built up, we will use any extra funds to travel out of the country. We hope to start mid November after Meghan's volleyball season and we will finish December 23. From there we will head to see the kids in California. The Fernley Nevada site will allow us fairly easy access to California for the holidays.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We have our RV, our truck and are ready to roll! Now I just need a husband.....